Gurls Talk with Adwoa Aboah

For our module assessment, one of the tasks includes creating a show item with a duration on 5-8 minutes that includes multiple contributors and locations. So it only makes sense to look at what is already out there and gain inspiration!vice-og

I watched
the beginning 7 minutes if a documentary available on Vice called ‘Gurls Talk with Adwoa Aboah – Exploring LA Strippers, Girl Bikers And Teen Activists Fighting For Sexual Equality With 579f75e1ded554e852eb05b5-1472034232978Adwoa Aboah’. It follows her and her campaign all about female empowerment, ‘Gurls Talk is a movement that strives to create a platform where girls can openly share their experiences and feelings in a safe and trusting environment. We are working together to create a community of girls from all different backgrounds, looking beyond external differences, and focusing on the essence of what it means to be a girl in the 21st century’, (Gurls Talk, n.d.).

Adwoa Aboah is an experienced model and knows first-hand what it is like to be mentally unstable, ‘she speaks about how she experimented with drugs as a teenager, her stint in an Arizona-based rehab and attempted suicide, and how modelling had affecting her self-esteem’, (Bennett, 2017). By choosing Adwoa to host the series creates a trusting relationship between audience
and cast as they know and are shown that she is someone to be trusted.tim-walker-for-vogue-italia-december-2015-612x800

“With Gurls Talk I want to create a space wherein girls can have honest conversations about everything. It will be a weekly program to educate girls on mental health and addiction and eating disorders, but instead of it being a lecture coming from a teacher or a woman twice their age, I want it to be from women these girls can relate to, women who are speaking from experience,” Aboah told Teen Vogue’ (Bennett, 2017)

We are given the facts and history of the subject that drove the enthusiasm and inspiration for the Gurls Talk campaign. By giving the audience this background information, they are not just more emotionally invested, but they will have more of an understanding of why these people are so passionate, whether you agree or disagree with them.

We see Adwoa Aboah talking to 200_speople on the street asking about sexism and “What’s your earliest memory of being female?”, an interview with Lina Esco, director and start of ‘Free The Nipple’, ‘Lina finally stepped up to direct and star in her first feature film “FREE THE NIPPLE” based on a true story of two women who start a revolution to reverse the backwards censorship laws in America’ (FREE THE NIPPLE, 2017), 3 young girls who became activists after being personally affected by other people’s judgements in school etc and finally, 3 generations of women on their views about female empowerment and confidence. All of these contributors listed are great choices, all with personal experiences driving their passion behind helping others, ‘We strive to show girls that you are not alone, and that by opening up and sharing your personal stories, you too can discover that many others are going through the same things.’ (Gurls Talk, n.d.). These contributors assist in portraying a powerful message just in the opening of the episode. This grabs the audience’s attention and hopefully make them want to keep watching to see the stories un fold as they begin to think, ‘does this relate to me?’.020438823_prevstill

Adwoa Aboah visits Hollywood, Los Angeles as this is where the movement started, making this location a very good and relevant choice. Locations in a documentary make a lot of difference although the viewing audience may not even notice. ‘A good location scout can bring so much to a film that very few people will ever realize.’ (, 2017).  She also, when visiting the young girl’s house, interviewed the 3 teenagers in one of their bedrooms, a private place contrasting with the idea of the campaign that young girls feel trapped in their own skin from being themselves because others decide its wrong.

Although I enjoyed the duration of which I watched, I felt the items would have suited a better order. Before we know what it’s about other than indications from the title, we are introduced to Adwoa, then the first contributor and then we get the historic facts. So for the first 2 minutes the audience doesn’t really know what to expect, however you could argue that this is a technique to keep people engaged and watching more.

A Model Rips Into Her Addiction & Comes Out With a Safe Space for Girls: Adwoa Aboah:



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